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La Drôme Tourisme

The Drôme is the meeting point between the Alps and Provence, where the warm and perfumed accents of the latter can already be discerned.

Summer and winter, Drôme is a fabulous playground to practice such outdoor sports as hiking, cycling, canoeing, golf, skiing, dog sledding… Nature has managed to cling on, offering a mosaic of scenery with breathtaking panoramas and an infinite number of byways.

Generous and tasty, Drôme offers many products of great quality: wines, fruits, nougat, olive, truffle, chocolate, cheese… A palette of flavors just waiting to be tasted, celebrated, devoured.

Culture is omnipresent in the shape of castles and palaces - an ideal one in the case of Facteur Cheval’s ideal palace. Between cities and villages, it unites past and present by mixing the charm of the old and the audacity of modernity.

Savour serenity and authenticity through the nuances of the Drôme: www.ladrometourisme.com

les Stations de la Drôme

Les Stations
de la Drôme

Le Département de la Drôme
Hôtel du Département
26 avenue du Président-Herriot
26026 Valence cedex 9

Découvrir le Conseil Départemental de la Drôme


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