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Sledging dogs

The Vercors plateau lends itself particulary to this activity. More than 50 km of trails are specially groomed and marked for this purpose. Depending on which company you choose you will have the choice between an initial introduction (when you are sat in a sledge) and a more advanced introduction to dog sledge driving (you will learn how to drive a dog sledge for half a day, a full day or more).. 

Esprit du Nord

Sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 07 61 95 62 96 - 06 67 60 42 80 - 04 75 48 97 10
                                    e-mail: jiri@esprit-du-nord.com
                                    site web: www.esprit-du-nord.com 


Sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 04 75 48 27 16
                                    e-mail: info@kiska-vercors.com                                   
                                    site web: www.kiska-vercors.com

Le Camp Nicolas Vanier

First hand experiences and sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 06 98 23 29 77
                                    e-mail: campnicolasvanier@gmail.com
                                    site web: www.campnicolasvanier.com

Entre Neige et Roches

Sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 06 74 51 01 04
                                    e-mail: seb@entre-neige-et-roche.com
                                    site web: www.chien-de-traineau-vercors.fr

Chien de traineau Vercors

Conduite d'attelage avec William Rabasse et Alex Bringard
For further information: tel 06 86 76 77 17 or 06 11 97 07 18
                                                    e mail: rabassewilliam@yahoo.fr or alex.bringard@sfr.fr
                                                    web site: www.chien-de-traineau-vercors.fr

Alpen team

First hand experiences and sledging dogs
For further information:  tél. 06 50 34 36 92
                                    e-mail: alpen.team@yahoo.fr
                                    site web: www.alpen-team.fr

La Draye Blanche

First hand experiences and sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 04 75 48 24 96
                                    e-mail: grotte.drayeblanche@orange.fr
                                    site web: www.drayeblanche.com/chiens-de-traineaux/

Mush and Rando

First hand experiences and sledging dogs
For further information: tél. 06 19 07 51 84
                                    e-mail: c.badier@sfr.fr
                                    site web: www.chien-traineau.fr

Vercors Diois Outdoor

For further information: tél.  04 75 48 25 50 ou 06 80 25 80 09
                                    e-mail: contact@vercors-diois-outdoor.com
                                    site web: www.vercors-diois-outdoor.com

A specific pass is required to use the dogsledding tracks of our resorts
This pass is available for sale at the cash desks of Font d'Urle, the Col de Rousset, and at the Gelinotte in Vassieux-en-Vercors.
If you plan to practice the activity with a professional musher installed in the Vercors, he probably will have pre-booked your pass, do not hesitate to check with him.

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Mush and Rando


Chien de Traîneau Vercors

Situated at the foothills of the Vercors, two professional mushers offer in winter ski-joëring (ski activity towed by a dog, only for groups), initiation to a dogs carriage driving, porterage (be towed by a dogs carriage, comfortably installed inside the sledge) and trek (to live the authentic Nordic adventure at the heart of Vercors, in total autonomy with dogs and sledges). In summer, they also let you discover the cani-rando, hike supported...
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