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Ski touring

Discover the itinerary that crosses the Grandes traversées du Vercors (GTV), the most beautiful itinerary in the Vercors and the warmest of welcomes from hosts, stay after stay!

Join the GTV (Grandes Traversées du Vercors) between Col de Rousset and Font d'Urle Chaud Clapier.

Several pleasant itineraries are available in the Vercors Drôme including Montagnette, Mont Barral, Jocou and Grand Veymont. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals.

Association des Professionnels des Grandes Traversées du Vercors (GTV)

For further information : www.vercors-gtv.com

Office du Tourisme du Vercors Drôme

Secteur Vassieux en Vercors, Herbouilly, Col de Rousset
For further information : www.vercors-drome.com

Office de Tourisme du Royans

Secteur Font d'Urle Chaud Clapier, le Grand Echaillon
For further information : www.royans.com

Office de Tourisme du Pays Diois

Valdrôme,  Col de Rousset, Lus-la-Jarjatte
For further information : www.diois-tourisme.com

Ski de randonnées

7 Services found

Bureau des Guides Diois-Vercors

Organisation of hikes, initiation to climbing, canyoning, via ferrata, ski hiking, high mountain climbs... in the Diois, Vercors, Vallée Blanche, Oisans ...

Mountain Guide Diois

Rock climbing and multi pitch climbing in the Diois. Le Claps, Archiane, Glandasse, le Mont Aiguille, together we will find the perfect climb to suit your level. We also offer mountaineering in Les Ecrins, 2h drive from Die !

Pascal Giroutru

A Mountain Guide in love with his region, he offers family strolls to hikes, on foot or snowshoes... He will take you off the beaten track to discover hidden towers or forgotten villages.

Ecole du Ski Français du Col de Rousset

Group tuition or one-on-one, we cater to all your needs and offer downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, dualski, ski touring, snowshoeing, biathlon... The Ski School also offers Summer biathlon taster sessions.
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