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Explor Games

Open 2nd and 3rd July and from 7th July to 31st August 2022
From 10.30am to 5.30pm (last depature : 4pm)



Col de Rousset resort

Immerse yourself in an epic adventure in the hearth of the High Plateaux of the Vercors. There was a time when this mountain massif sheltered several natural springs. But in the course of time, the water was disappearing. This phenomenon impacts fields, herds and men...
Discover the Vercors' wealth and unlock its mysteries...

The Explor Games trail is located on the Bois du Loup path, a loop of 2.5km and 140m of elevation. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Vercors and Provence mountains.

The start is at the top of the panoramic chairlift.

The Explor Games is only available on digital tablets, rented in the resort checkout.



Adult : €18 /person (+ 14 years old, tablet rental and chairlift round trip included)
Child : €15 /person (- 14 years old, tablet rental and chairlift round trip included)
Family Pack : €52  (tablet rental and chairlift round trip included)
Tablet rental only : €10 /person (adult and child, chairlift round trip non included)
Free under 5 years old.

Booking advised.




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