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Cani-rando (Dog-Hikes), cani-bike (Dog-Bike)

You may have already asked the question. What do the sledging dogs do in the summer?…Well now you have the answer!

Cani-Rando (Dog Hikes)

What better way to discover nature than with a dog that pulls you up and helps you to go further?
The dog hikes are an excellent way to walk at your own pace and appreciate the beauty of nature. They also provide a means of affection and contact with an animal.
Dog Hikes with sledging dogs from Vercors

Cani-Bike or Husky Bike

A scooter or a mountain bike is attached to a dog by an elastic lead…and off you go!
Here is a fun activity which easily thrills and where a good relationship with the dog is essential.

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Mush and Rando


Chien de Traîneau Vercors

Situated at the foothills of the Vercors, two professional mushers offer in winter ski-joëring (ski activity towed by a dog, only for groups), initiation to a dogs carriage driving, porterage (be towed by a dogs carriage, comfortably installed inside the sledge) and trek (to live the authentic Nordic adventure at the heart of Vercors, in total autonomy with dogs and sledges). In summer, they also let you discover the cani-rando, hike supported...
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