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Randonnée dans le Haut Diois

The pleasures of hiking with return at the base-camp in Valdrôme: full board with packed lunches for the day, itineraries in the pocket and the comfort of your lodging at the return. It's a hike "turnkey» stay for you.

Colonies d'été pour les 6-14 ans

Weekly stays, for children 6 to 14 years, into a holiday center. Good quality of accommodation and practice of several activities: sports, discovery, nature, manual and creative...
From  355 €

De crêtes en plateaux avec des ânes

An ideal formula for families and lovers of unspoiled nature. With our 4-legged companions we will be able to travel lightly, in autonomy and set up our bivouacs in dream places.
From  230 €

Séjour insolite en chambre flottante pour découvrir le Diois

Just arrived at the campsite, the change of scenery is total: we will lend you a small boat to access to your floating room on the lake! With the packs Zenzilot (ideal for lovers), you offer you tranquility, comfort, nature and land.
From  100 €

les Stations de la Drôme

Les Stations
de la Drôme

Le Département de la Drôme
Hôtel du Département
26 avenue du Président-Herriot
26026 Valence cedex 9

Découvrir le Conseil Départemental de la Drôme


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