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Col de Rousset activities

Season 2020

Open from July the 4th to august the 30

Everyday 10.30AM /5.30PM

Tickets for all activities are to be purchased at the main cash desk at the entrance to the resort.
So remember to take them before going to the different activities.

Reception conditions due to COVID 19

- Maintain a distance of 1 m between you and the other visitors.
- Hand washing before each activity (hydroalcoholic gel on site)
- Mask mandatory for: railtrack toboggan + chairlift (over 11 years only) and recommended for other activities


Railtrack toboggan!

Feeling like a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone?
Come on board of our sled, and hurtle down the track in total safety! Solo or duo rides (a small child + an adult).
The circuit offer an upward slope of 300m and a downhill of 760m, with a lot of curves, change of slope and raised overpass.

Starting at 5€ /lap

Age 4 and over 105cm (adult required)
Age 8 and over 130 cm (alone)

+ more info


Sherpa all-terrain scooter


Full front travel suspension, disk brakes and off road tyres, this extreme off-road scooter is for those who enjoy a thrill!

Access to 5 runs, ranking from very easy to more technical trails : La tartine, Drôme Adhère, Wood Stock, Pablito et Cowcowrico

Prices :
1 lap : 9€
5 laps: 38€ (non-nominal)
10 laps: 65€ (non-nominal)

Age 8 and over

Advice: For your comfort, do not hesitate to take your pair of gloves for this activity!




The chairlift at Col de Rousset is open all summer long. It give you an higher access start for your hikes, as well as our orientation table.
Beautiful view of the Diois and the Grand Veymont.

Adult : 7€ round trip and 6€ one way
Child : 4.50€ round trip and 4€ one way
Family pack : 20 € 2 adults + 2 chils (Round trip)

Upon reservation, for groups only, the chairlift can open at 10am instead of 10.30am


Come ride on the new track. Fit for BMX bike, moutain bike, scooters, skateboard...
A pumptrack ring is made of successive curves and bumps that can be taken "almost" without pedaling !

Free access

BMX and scooters rental at the resort : 6€ 1/2 h et 7.50€ 1 h


Mountain bike downhill itinerary

 Access by the chairlift, 8 runs with different difficulties : 1 green, 5 blues, 2 reds, 1 black, 1 double black.
  • The "Tartine" : 1.2 km long. Green very easy, to start softly.
  • The "Drome adhère" : elevation 280m, 1.7 km. Itinary with a few obstacles for more fun.
  • The "Wood Stock" : elevation 280m, 1.7 km. Itinary blue with wooden obstacles and small bridges going through lapies and stones
  • The "Blue touch" : elevation 280m, 1.5 km long. Departure next to"Ketchup"  pretty steep slope on the edge of the forest then on grass. Beautiful view of the Diois.
  • The Cowcowrico elevation 280m, 1.7 km.
  • The Pablito elevation 280m, 1.7 km. Itinary in forest with o lot of turns
  • The "Ketchup" : elevation 280m, 1.2 km long. Red itinerary quite rocky and technical with a few jumps including one of almost a meter hight !!!! ( Don't worry, you can avoid this one), and for the most fearless it's followed by a break of slope. That run was licensed in 2008 for the Rhône-Alpes Cup.
  • The "Tomato " : elevation 280m 1.7 km long. Itinerary red with heavy curves, a few straights lines and 2 small jumps. Sharp underwood run.
  • The "Expresso" : elevation 280m, 600m long. Several small jumps, itinerary black very steep, rocky and technical.
  • The "Noir c'est noir" : elevation 280m, 600m long, with 2 jumps and a bridge. Itinerary double black, fast track with trial sections. Watch out very difficult run ! Experienced riders only!
Downhill Itineraries Maps

Moutain bike tickets (equipment non included)

½ day: adult 15€ and child 9,50€
Full day : adult 18€ and child 11,50€

Electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes are allowed on the chairlift only if you can remove the battery from the mountain bike for the ascent.


Permanent orienteering site

Come and discover or re-discover the joy of the orienteering course thanks to the Col de Rousset ESO (l'Espace SportOrientation).
This dedicated and mapped natural site awaits all future explorers, for a fun discovery of orienteering aimed at everyone.
You complete the course at these dedicated natural sites with the aid of a map helping you to find the markers.

Download here the ESO map of the Col de Rousset.



Nearby, activities at the Raphaël Poirée stadium

  • Rollerblades or ski-roue
  • Biathlon
  • Orientation course
  • Forest adventure course

Other nearby activities

  • Via Ferrata
  • Climbing
  • Donkey treks
  • Cani-rando (dog hikes), cani-bike ou cani-kart
  • Horse riding activities
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