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Alternative sliding sports

Moutain Scooters

This is a more sport oriented version of our classic grass scooter.
You can basically ride everywhere, perfect for those of you looking for a good thrill on the hill.
Go faster, jump higher with the moutain scooter!
Some technical specificities :

- Big size footrest with excellent grip.
- Low gravity center to keep a maximum of stability, riding enjoyment, and sensation.
- Disk brake, to slow down in any conditions.

Activity available at the resorts of Col de Rousset, Valdrôme and Lus-la-Jarjatte

Trottin'herbe (grass scooter)

What is Trottin’herbe?

It’s simply a scooter suitable for off road use…To do this fun and original activity, you take the chair lift or drag lift up the mountain and descend the special runs.

The youngsters (less than 1m25 tall) can also experience the pleasure of this summer sport by taking part as a passenger with an adult, or by using one of the smaller scooters especially adapted (available in Valdrôme).




Do you dream of combining sensations and activities in nature?

Climb aboard a Dévalkart!

Climb up the mountain easily thanks to the lift and come back down on the special runs at your own pace.

It is in Valdrôme where you can take part in this family activity and it’s available for all (from 6 to 10 years old for Minikart and over 10 years old for Dévalkart).


And for the more skilful, looking for greater sensations, they can use a Dirtscoot : it’s the same principal as the grass scooter but it’s more like a mountain bike.
For a safe but fun filled afternoon with your family or friends, come and discover these two out of the ordinary activities at the resort of  Lus-la-Jarjatte!

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