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Le Filambule (Parcabout®) d'Herbouilly

Unique in the Rhone-Alpes region !

Like a huge trimaran suspended in the air, the FILAMBULE Parcabout® weaves its sails in the forest of Herbouilly (Saint-Martin-en-Vercors).

The nets of the Filambule which were inspired from large boat and catamaran races allow you to move between the trees, in complete safety. Here you will be wearing a safety harness as in traditional adventure courses so you can move freely in these huge nets which are attached 2 - 6 metres above the ground.

An activity suitable for all the family

Leap and bounce, jump, roll, throw yourself around, meander, contemplate, stretch out, observe and play… guaranteed new and original sensations to share with your family. The Filambule is an ideal vantage point of the forest environment and it’s accessible to all, young and old!

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in July and August.
September: 10h30 a.m. to 17h30 p.m. the week-ends, weekdays by reservation.
October: reservation required (15 pers. mini)
For further information : Tel.   04 75 45 54 76  or 06 42 83 82 44

Did you know ?

Two meshes of Filambule net can hold up to 600 kilos: therefore the surface of a shoe can hold the weight of two tonnes!

Before starting, here’s some advice and safety instructions :

  • Wear clothes that are suitable for outdoor leisure activities, to avoid bare legs and arms from being friction burnt, long sleeves and trousers are advisable
  • Empty your pockets: to prevent your belongings from falling out, you will be several metres high in the trees!
  • Closed toe shoes are obligatory. Wear closed supple shoes without studs, sports shoes are best
  • Access to children is at the complete risk of their parents or guardians. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult


The Parcabout ® was invented by the Chien Noir society. Before opening to the public this structure has been checked by the CERES control. It is managed by the general council of the Drôme.

This achievement has been co-financed according to the POIA – CIMA program - Regional contract of tourism diversification.

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