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Orienteering course

The Espaces sports orientation (ESO) of the Drôme

Come and discover or re-discover the joys of an orienteering course thanks to the Drôme’s Espace Sport Orientation (ESO)
This dedicated and mapped natural site awaits all future explorers, for a fun discovery of orienteering aimed at everyone.
You complete the course at these dedicated natural sites with the aid of a map helping you to find the markers.
How do I take part?
Print out the relevant leaflet from the web site of the Espace Sports Orientation. 

Bring a compass and choose the itinerary which is suitable for your level : green, blue or red. And of you go!

The 6 orienteering sites of the Drôme are available below: click on the site you require to download the document.

Coming Soon : You will soon find a 7th orienteering site in the resort of Lus-la-Jarjatte.


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