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During this activity you progress along the course of a river, using techniques taken from other sporting activities like white water, climbing, pot-holing and also hiking. No more, no less!

And for the amateurs the mountains of the Drôme offer you an impressive landscape in which to play. Here you will find a number of different varied characteristics, waterfalls, jumps, swimming and water slides…

Whether you are in discovery mode, or in a more adventurous mood, you will find this activity perfect!

For this activity do not hesitate to contact our expert guides. Further information is available from the tourist offices :

Vercors Tourism Office

Vassieux en Vercors, Herbouilly, Col de Rousset
For further information: www.vercors-drome.com

Royans Tourism Office

Font d'Urle Chaud Clapier, le Grand Echaillon
For further information www.royans.com

Pays Diois Tourism Office

Secteur Valdrôme,  Col de Rousset
For further information: www.diois-tourisme.com

Before you start some precautions!

While taking part in the activity of canyoning it is necessary to follow some safety information.

It is possible to take part as a family (minimum age : 10 years old), all the members of the party must be able to swim.

Closed toe shoes are obligatory.

Where can you do this?

To find the canyons in the Drôme and France, go to this web site portail francophone de la descente en canyon (in french)
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