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Activities in Vassieux-en-Vercors

Nordic skiing

4 km from the village : Raphaël Poirée Stadium (20 km of groomed, marked trails – levels: green, blue, red) – A new reception building and chemical toilettes.
If you would like an introduction to biathlon do not hesitate to contact the Comité Départemental des Sports de Neige.
For further information: tel + 33 (0)4 75 75 47 88
                                                    web site: www.skidrome.com

Snow shoes

Click here to find our recommended snow shoe trails which depart from Vassieux-en-Vercors.
To make the most of your trail do not hesitate to contact the Vercors mountain guides.
For further information (Tourist Office): tel+ 33 (0)4 75 48 22 54

Dog Sledging, Scandinavian PulkChiens de traineaux

More than 40 km of groomed trails await you to discover this out of the ordinary activity.

Nearly 20 years ago, in France, the activity of dog sledging was started by a group of people passionate about the Vercors mountain range. Nowadays there are 8 people that welcome you, 6 are found in Vassieux-en-Vercors or the surrounding area, this is what makes this small village well-known in the world of dog sledging.

Dog sledging

You do not need to go far to be in another world, a day, week-end or over 3 to 5 days with accommodation in a gite or cabin, you will learn reining, attaching your dogs and driving a sled alone led by 4 or 5 affectionate companions.

First hand experience

Sat in a sledge, this experience gives you an introduction to this activity in company with the dogs.

Scandinavian Pulk

Working with the dog you ski behind the pulk which is transporting your belongings, in particular your picnic. It’s a ski adventure with a dog, for a day, a week-end or 3 – 5 days. For cross country ski enthusiasts this type of sledging will seduce you. Companionship guaranteed!

Kennel visits

The mushers often have dozens of dogs, come and discover the space reserved for them, their life in a pack and the characteristics which make these dogs endearing.
Reservation in advance is strongly advised for all of these activities. Do not hesitate to contact :

Esprit du Nord - Dog sledging
For further information: site web: www.esprit-du-nord.com

KISKA - Dog sledging
For further information: site web: www.kiska-vercors.com

Le Camp Nicolas Vanier - First hand experience and dog sledging
For further information: site web: www.campnicolasvanier.com

Entre Neige et Roches - Dog sledging
For further information: tél. 06 74 51 01 04
                                    e-mail: seb@entre-neige-et-roche.com

Chien de traineau Vercors
Conduite d'attelage avec William Rabasse et Alex Bringard
Renseignements: tél. 06 86 76 77 17 ou 06 11 97 07 18
                                    e-mail: rabassewilliam@yahoo.fr  ou alex.bringard@sfr.fr
                                    site web: www.chien-de-traineau-vercors.fr

La Draye Blanche - First hand experience and dog sledging
For further information: site web: www.drayeblanche.com

Alpenteam - First hand experience and dog sledging
For further information: site web: alpen.team@yahoo.fr

Mush and Rando -First hand experience and dog sledging
Renseignements: www.chien-traineau.fr



Soar with Gliss Kite, the first snowkite school in France!
This winter version of kitesurf promises you new experiences out of the ordinary!
For further information: tel + 33 (0)6 61 43 54 23

Ski Joëring

Combining horses and ski, this may seem surprising to you and yet ski joëring is an ancestral activity : in the past being pulled on skis by a horse was nothing less than a real means of transport!

Are you ready to attempt this adventure?

With our partner Olivier Goni, "Tous à cheval"
For further information: tel + 33 (0)6 12 53 50 01
                                                    web site : www.tousacheval.fr.gd

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Parole de cheval


Mush and Rando


Chien de Traîneau Vercors

Situated at the foothills of the Vercors, two professional mushers offer in winter ski-joëring (ski activity towed by a dog, only for groups), initiation to a dogs carriage driving, porterage (be towed by a dogs carriage, comfortably installed inside the sledge) and trek (to live the authentic Nordic adventure at the heart of Vercors, in total autonomy with dogs and sledges). In summer, they also let you discover the cani-rando, hike supported...
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