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Séjours multisports été pour les 13-15 ans

Weekly stays, for teens of 13 to 15-16 years old, in a luxury chalet at the foot of the mountains, facing the swimming pool (daily access) and mini-golf. Practice of sport activities : collective, individual or specialized outdoors.

De crêtes en plateaux avec des ânes

An ideal formula for families and lovers of unspoiled nature. With our 4-legged companions we will be able to travel lightly, in autonomy and set up our bivouacs in dream places.
From  240 €

Tour du Haut-Diois en liberté avec des ânes

You have already experimented walks with donkeys, but you need a trained donkey, material and information on a possible circuit to ensure you a family holidays original, joyful and tranquil? This stay is for you!
From  480 €

Week-end transhumance en compagnie des ânes

Live the legendary experience of transhumance! Vercors Escapade invites you to follow the route of the sheep during two days of supervised hiking in the company of donkeys. All in a festive and traditional atmosphere.
From  195 €

les Stations de la Drôme

Les Stations
de la Drôme

Le Département de la Drôme
Hôtel du Département
26 avenue du Président-Herriot
26026 Valence cedex 9

Découvrir le Conseil Départemental de la Drôme


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