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De crêtes en plateaux avec des ânes

An ideal formula for families and lovers of unspoiled nature. With our 4-legged companions we will be able to travel lightly, in autonomy and set up our bivouacs in dream places.
From  230 €

Séjour insolite en chambre flottante pour découvrir le Diois

Just arrived at the campsite, the change of scenery is total: we will lend you a small boat to access to your floating room on the lake! With the packs Zenzilot (ideal for lovers), you offer you tranquility, comfort, nature and land.
From  100 €

Réveillonnez en famille en haute terre drômoise

Lus-la-Jarjatte is a little multi-activities resort of the Regional Natural Park of Vercors. In the Vallon de la Jarjatte, the holiday village Couleur Nature is an ideal place for some short family holiday for the New Year's Eve!
From  144 €

Quelques jours à la neige à prix doux

Come in family in a small multi-activities resort of the Vercors Regional Natural Park. The holiday village Couleur Nature welcomes you in full-board. Entertainment in the end of the afternoon and evening. Activities in autonomy in daytime.
From  219 €

les Stations de la Drôme

Les Stations
de la Drôme

Le Département de la Drôme
Hôtel du Département
26 avenue du Président-Herriot
26026 Valence cedex 9

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